What's Wrong with You is What's Wrong with Me

What’s Wrong With You is What’s Wrong With Me, Christian Winn       

Release Date: October 2017

Christian Winn, Idaho’s Writer-in-Residence, returns with a collection of novelettes as searing and forthright as one could hope for. What’s Wrong with You is What’s Wrong with Me dances gracefully between characters and places with precise sentences and the care for storytelling we’ve come to expect in Winn’s fiction. From brothers reconnecting in Eric, to field goal kick worth a million dollars in Boot, from a brother and sister’s night of nostalgia through the deserts of Idaho in the title story, to a severed finger hidden shamelessly in a pocket in The Evidence of Reno, these stories shudder and glisten with mystery, longing, and hope. What’s Wrong with You is What’s Wrong with Me is that second book readers wait impatiently to take on, and are delighted when they have.


“Winn’s gritty tales of love and death and yearning from the underbelly of the west are a collective punch in the gut. What’s Wrong with You is What’s Wrong with Me is a riveting, highly atmospheric and unflappably self-assured book by a writer to watch.”—Jonathan Evison, author of This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!


Christian Winn, the 2016-2019 Idaho Writer in Residence, is a fiction writer, poet, and teacher of creative writing living in Boise, Idaho. He is the founder the Writers Write fiction workshops, co-founder of Storyfort and the Couch Surfer Artist Series, a graduate of Seattle Pacific University, and the Boise State University MFA program.

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What’s Wrong With You is What’s Wrong With Me release date of October 2017


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