All I Want Is What You've Got

All I Want Is What You’ve Got, Glen Chamberlain       Release Date: April 2016

In these twelve new stories of All I Want Is What You’ve Got, award-winning author Glen Chamberlain deftly writes about the fragility of small town life. Chamberlain ushers us amongst the half-broken lives, sharing the moments of regret, yet allowing the redemptive qualities of her characters to ultimately shine through. From a night nurse confessing her forgotten desires to an invalid to a Chinese girl trying to piece together a past from a single photograph; from an elderly rodeo cowboy falling in love with a beautiful stranger to a woman acutely aware of the intricacies that lead to her own death, All I Want is What You’ve Got is that masterful book of stories revealing how the profoundest moments in life are the ones taken for granted.


“Glen Chamberlain writes about the complex interplay between men and women like few writers I know today. Through her fantastic and often funny sentences, she cuts through her characters’ skin with all the precision of a surgeon, laying bare the inner cogworks of the heart. There is plenty of love and longing in Chamberlain’s small Montana towns and she writes about the ranchers, the barkeeps, the mothers, the fathers, and even a parakeet with such generosity and insight.  Her long-awaited collection All I Want Is What You’ve Got is further proof that Glen Chamberlain is the Alice Munro of our American West.” —David Abrams, author of Fobbit


“Glen Chamberlain’s art is a miracle of prose wrapped in the most thorny enigmas of human understanding.  Her elegantly streamlined and boldly envisioned new story collection, All I Want Is What You’ve Got, stands as a testament to the heart’s grief, to the hunger and desperation held barely at bay, and to the mysterious individualized and collective flights of soul that are the daily sustenance of every woman and man. The epiphanies experienced in the lives she so tenderly and profoundly imagines are powerful, deeply sonorous, and transcendent. In her work is the restless echo of Alice Munro, the strange beautiful earth of Willa Cather, and Jim Harrison’s cut to the bone ascension, but in the end we are carried in Glen Chamberlain’s own uniquely resonant and brightly illumined vessel.  Hard won. Piercing. Full of light and dark materials. Fierce. Graceful in love. Traveling toward dawn.”—Shann Ray, American Book Award winning author of American Copper and Balefire


“Glen Chamberlain is an impassioned observer of human character and Western landscape, and her imagination is as symphonic as the musicians she so clearly admires.  These stories swept me up and away with their spirited empathy.  All I Want Is What You’ve Got is a wonderful book that’s both feisty and wise.” —Alyson Hagy, author of Boleto and Ghosts of Wyoming


“Glen Chamberlain knows so much—horses and tack, music and mountains, mothers and fathers, cougars and kids—and she incorporates her knowledge to wonderful effect in her fiction. But best of all she knows the chambers of the human heart, and that understanding allows the stories in All I Want Is What You’ve Got to take their place among the very best that are being written and read today. This is a terrific collection.”—Larry Watson, author of Montana 1948


“Each story in All I Want Is What You’ve Got is a traverse through the wilderness of loneliness, of love found and lost, and the characters here endure their travails with enviable grace and dignity.  Glen Chamberlain’s way through this perilous territory is one filled with thorns to pierce your heart.”—Kim Zupan, author of The Ploughmen


“Glen Chamberlain’s gimlet-eyed view of her place and people—westerners who want more than they have, want what they used to have or never had, who want everything by God, just because that’s the human condition—is refreshing and makes me want to have a glass of good whiskey with her one day. How human is it to both cherish and resent, to desire and desire to run away? Here is love, longing, truth and lies, anger and forgiveness, all in service of being as entirely human and humane as possible. In these pages there is real life, deeply moving, superbly rendered. Her sense of humor is deadpan-dead-on. She is, simply, a superb writer.”—Brad Watson, author of Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives and Miss Jane: A Novel


“Nothing could be easier for me than to lavish praise on Glen Chamberlain and her new collection of short stories, All I Want Is What You’ve Got, a work of such profound quietude and deep human understanding I almost forgot it was fiction. Populated with characters worthy of Updike or Atwood, these are a dozen beautifully wrought, tenderly composed stories of the human heart. Without cheap pity or sentimentality, Chamberlain has created a dozen diamonds in the rough and in the process eclipsed (let us hope) the pigeonhole of “western writer” or “women writer” to be called what she truly is, one of the very best writers working today.”—Charles Finn, High Desert Journal


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