Night In The Sun

“In Night in the Sun, Kyle Coma-Thompson tears up the map of what’s possible, refining the tradition of the short story while reaching deep into its unknown future, showing the way forward.”
—Ben Marcus, author of Leaving The Sea

Night In The Sun, Kyle Coma-Thompson      Release Date: June 2016

Night in the Sun is Kyle Coma-Thompson’s follow up collection to his much-lauded debut, The Lucky Body. In these twenty new stories Coma-Thompson proves his mettle when confronted with the task of story writing. Here is a collection that gleams with precision. These stories careen gracefully from sociopathic comedians to haunted gunfighters, from the harbored, hidden secrets of Bosnian scholars to the personal accounts of a bizarre strain of leprosy. Coma-Thompson writes stories that overflow with danger, mystery, and excitement. Night in the Sun is that rare sophomore attempt that proves his place among the very best in American fiction.

“Some writers seem to be after the perfectly honed, well-manicured short story while others are interested in reinventing the form each time they pen a line. Coma-Thompson manages to do both: Night in the Sun is filled with sui generis short stories that seem at once daringly jotted and carefully worked–full of surprise but with never a word out of place.” Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

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Night In The Sun release date of July 2016


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