Be Cool

Be Cool, Ben Tanzer       Release Date: February 2017

From the comedic, often luminous mind of Ben Tanzer comes a memoir about one of life’s true complexities: being cool. Written in touching vignettes, like snapshots of history, Tanzer eloquently illuminates his past with humor and resolve. From crushing on columnists of Tiger Beat magazine to losing his virginity after his “second attempt to do so”; from his love of Comic Con and Sci-Fi to his struggles with infertility, Be Cool is a confession to a generation of readers, done so with acute precision and utmost trust.

“Ben Tanzer has that ever elusive elixir, that ability to be both funny and poignant simultaneously. These essays have that requisite gallows humor about being a parent, but there’s tenderness oozing from the page, too, a kind of trickling empathy.” —Joshua Mohr, author of Fight Song


“Have you ever been 35 and male, white and lost, sober and found, neurotic and doomed? Well, Ben Tanzer has already done the legwork for you, reporting from the trenches of fatherhood, Rykers, Orpheus, Copenhagen (chew) and Genesee Cream ale (No coincidence Hunter Thompson’s fave bottle). A memoir that’s not a memoir at all. Funny and trenchant and true. Buy two copies now.”—Sean Beaudoin, author of Welcome Thieves


“Tanzer takes hold of the reader with a kinetic pull of a voice that courses like blood through the body of this book. Be Cool circles the poles of sex and death, covering the terrain of family, marriage, children, and the act of writing in ways that are fresh, deep, funny, and unexpected.”— Wendy Ortiz, author of Excavation

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Be Cool release date of August 2016


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