American Flowers

American Flowers, Tyler Flynn Dorholt       Release Date: November 2016

In here, as you reflect, from anywhere having undergone neglect, handling a boom knowing you cannot push yourself out with it, the consoles of feet, teaching smaller breathers to repeat labor beyond your life—arches & pinnacles, pills the tongue squeegees—how a loss of physical does not mean a loss of mental feeling, owning that word in the top floor casket, leaking it between diction & companionship, that we are so different that we must stand behind our language, pressing it out because it’s not enough within.

Tyler Flynn Dorholt is a writer and visual artist born in Minnesota. American Flowers is his first full-length book. Some of his chapbooks include: Side Cars and Road Sides, and The Point or What I Cannot Recall (both from Greying Ghost Press), as well as Modern Camping, a winner of the Poetry Society of America’s Chapbook Fellowship. A co-editor of the literary journal Tammy, Tyler lives in central New York with his wife, Katie, and their son.

“The American epic has long laid its firmest foundations in unusual and unexpected terrain, from the silk districts of the good doctor’s Paterson, NJ, to the scorched optimism dotting Ronald Johnson’s Kansas prairies. What a pleasure to be able to add Tyler Flynn Dorholt’s American Flowers to this gazetteer. For here is a book—and make no mistake: this is a book as much as it is a collection of poems—which tracks the heroism our collective moment desperately needs but hardly deserves. Equal parts documentary and phenomenology, American Flowers is an experiment in pragmatism. Muscular, intricate, dazzling, simultaneously homeopathic and ardent, the constantly reinventing and cross-pollinating language to be encountered in these pages is enduring in the most unostentatious sense of the word. American Flowers is a gift to lyricism itself.”—Joe Milazzo, author of Crepuscule W/ Nellie

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American Flowers release date of November 2016


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