All the Proud Fathers

All the Proud Fathers, Dan Mancilla     Release Date:  April 2017

Akin to Marquez’s Macondo or Joyce’s Dublin, Dan Mancilla’s All the Proud Fathers explores a world, sometimes strange, sometimes volatile, full of odd and colorful inhabitants. The rust belt town of Black Hawk is home to gypsies, wrestling bears, clairvoyant clergymen, mafia-like politicians, and in Mancilla’s debut book, all are forced to coexist whether they like it or not. Dan Mancilla’s All the Proud Fathers ushers us through a dreamlike world with precision, leaving us smiling and heartbroken all at the same time.

Dan Mancilla, Ph.D. lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his partner, Liz and their pup, Sophie. He is Professor of General Education at Aquinas College. Dan’s fiction has appeared in such publications as Barrelhouse, The Chicago Tribune, Monkeybicycle, The Saturday Evening Post, and River Styx, among other journals. He’s the author of the novella, The Deathmask of El Gaucho (Passages North/Little Presque Books). You can read more about Dan and his work at

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All The Proud Fathers release date of April 2017


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