Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have an agent?

That’s fine. We understand there are simply not enough agents to possibly represent all of the great, undiscovered writers in the world. That said, please don’t send anything that hasn’t been scrutinized. Typos, stupid mistakes, and sloppy writing are very much frowned upon.

Can I submit a partial?

If it’s accompanied by a synopsis, sure. If we like what we see, we’ll ask for the balance of the work.

What if I haven't been published before?

Not to worry. We read every submission with the anticipation that truly talented writing can come from anyone, regardless of academic pedigree or publication history.

What do you pay?

Payment is on a book by book basis. Though, we do try to make the writer as happy as they can be.

Can you give me a better idea of the kinds of books you’re interested in?

Honestly, we are quite open to most things. If it warrants an audience, if it’s polished and cleanly written, if it takes us somewhere, if it’s smart and original, if it has a thought provoking narrator, driving plot, humorous, dark, or just plain pretty to read, we’ll probably like it.