About Dock Street Press

“I think you can overdo it in simplification. You can be too Homeric, too life-eternal. I don’t like that either.It’s a very fine boundary.”

-Andrew Wyeth.

Dock Street Press is a traditional independent publishing house specializing in compelling narrative non-fiction and clean, intelligent fiction. We pride ourselves in taking risks and admire writers who do the same. Dock Street Press was founded in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington on a very dark, very rainy night. The founders were discussing Van Gogh in a local pub and worked themselves into a frenzy that his work was never respected during his lifetime. On the philosophy that extraordinary work should never be determined by a select, deep-pocketed few, Dock Street Press formed, priding itself in championing great pieces of literature regardless of pedigree. Being based in such a literary and vibrant city as Seattle, we are surrounded by writers pushing the boundaries of their craft. And with a staggering amount of independent booksellers stocking their shelves with emerging journals and revered reviews, we take an active approach of reading all that we can with the anticipation of coming across talented, up-and-coming writers. Simply put, Dock Street Press finds new writers and gives them an audience. We believe a book is a piece of art. As much effort goes into the design and manufacturing of our books as the writer has put into the words. We aren’t concerned with certain word counts or genres. If a story reads well, regardless of length, it should be housed in an attractive cover with great looking paper, and make the reader contemplate the physicality of it all. We publish perfect-bound, full length works of fiction and narrative non-fiction. We also put out The Victoria Rose, an online journal of pretty darn good writing that is published with no regularity. Someday in the near future we will compile them into a perfect-bound print annual that should knock your socks off.

BOOK SELLERS: To keep Dock Street producing great looking books, we prefer if you order directly through us. We offer our books direct to bookstores at a 43% discounted rate, and if you have any questions or concerns you can speak with a very friendly editor. To place an order email us at sales@dockstreetpress.com. However, if you’d prefer to order through our distributor, Small Press Distribution, that would be great too!

STAFF: Dane Bahr, Editor
Heather Jacobs, Managing Editor
Madeline Mancini, Associate Editor
John Powers, Poetry Editor
Kelly Rae Bahr, Art Director
Molly Freze, Our Web Lackey