This is the last of our mini-series podcasts with Ben Tanzer. He and Dane took a little West Coast is the Best Coast book tour. Seattle. Portland. Boise. It was wonderful. This episode catches them driving from Portland to Boise. 

Seattle: the Dock Street Salon were Ben read with Sean Beaudoin, and moderated by new-to-Seattle writer Joshua Mohr.

Portland: The Get Nervous reading series that takes place seemingly far under ground in the Jack London Bar. 

Boise: The Campfire Series at the Modern Hotel. A very cool place. That series is hosted by our own Christian Winn. Ben read with Xander Maksik. A great night, a great trip. 

Music: Primal Scream, Spoon, The Decemberists

photo 1-2Ben reading at the Modern

photo 2-2

Dane, Ben, Christian, and Andrew (hiding) after the Campfire Series

photo 3-2

Ben and Christian in discussion at the Modern

photo 4-1

The Modern crowd

photo 5

Leaving Portland

photo 1-3

Ben reading at the Get Nervous series at the Jack London Bar in Portland

photo 2-3

Searching for a steak in the middle of the night in Portland (the town literally shuts down at midnight!)

photo 3-3

The lineup at the Dock Street Salon

photo 4-2

Sean and Ben reading at Phinney Books in Seattle