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Here it is, as promised. Episode two of three of this strange, irreverent mini-series we’re doing with the lead up to the release of Ben Tanzer’s Be Cool. Ben and Dane talk about the cover, edits, rejections in writing, but mostly about whatever comes into their heads. Opening monologue is about the inaugural trip across Lake Superior Dane took in his (and Madeline’s!) boat, Solveig. Below are a few pictures of Solveig throughout her rebuild. Enjoy!

Music: The Beatles, AC/DC, 13th Floor Elevators, sampling from Primal Scream and Spoon.

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Solveig under construction. 2004

Getting painted. 2006

Interior woodworking underway. 2006

Newly launched. 2007.

Solveig in Seattle. 2014

Solveig at anchor off Vancouver Island (Madeline and Roddy (dog) can be seen in cockpit.) 2016.