We just wanted to show off the new covers of our forthcoming titles! Stay tuned for a few sample pages as the books near their pub dates.

Sandy And Wayne Front Cover copy

Sandy and Wayne, by Steve Yates, won the 2014 Big Fiction Magazine Knickerbocker Prize. Lauren Groff judged, and we liked it so much we thought it warranted its own book. So, here it is. Sandy and Wayne will be here in January. Yates is the winner of the Juniper Prize in Fiction and in April 2013, University of Massachusetts Press published his collection Some Kinds of Love: Stories. In Best American Short Stories 2010, Richard Russo named one of Yates’s stories among the “Distinguished Stories of 2009.”

Sandy and Wayne is tremendous, a taut, tense magisterial work that has all the concision and sharpness of a great short story, all of the texture and detail of an engrossing novel. The novella is, in my opinion, the hardest fictional form to get right; Steve Yates has proven his mastery of this most gorgeous form.”—Lauren Groff, author of Fates and Furies


AIWIWYG Cover 1 copy

All I Want is What You’ve Got, by Glen Chamberlain is a collection of stories we are particularly honored and excited to publish. We consider every author Dock Street puts out part of the family, however Glen holds a special place in our hearts. Glen was Dane Bahr’s (DSP editor & founder) professor many years ago, and after publishing her first collection with one of the “Big 5” and, finding it impersonal and kind of a bummer, decided to have Dock Street put out her second collection. When asked about her, Dane said,

“She’s like a surrogate mother, in many ways, a sister in others. We’re able to confide in one another in a unique way. It’s a special history. I have this great memory of her walking into class the first day–she was wearing Wrangler jeans, tooled cowboy boots, this black leather vest with a black and white striped shirt. She had this great shock of hair, a little grey amongst the dark–these hard blue eyes, she knew everything about you before you even spoke. She stood in front of us for a long moment, and then she said, ‘Writing is hard. If anyone doesn’t want to work hard at it, they shouldn’t be here.’ I was hooked from the start.”

Glen writes stories like Alice Munro, a truly gifted short story writer. She has many awards to her name, a Pushcart Prize, a Gilcrease Prize for Fiction, and a Rona Jaffe Award for both fiction and nonfiction, among others. We’ll put up some of her stories here to wet the appetite, so to speak.