We are so proud to announce that our very own Dane Bahr has been nominated for the prestigious James W. Ray Venture Project Award, presented by Artist Trust! Artist Trust is a major source of support for artists across Washington State and we are so excited to have one of our own members nominated for the literary arts field.

To call Dane merely “one of our members” is a colossal understatement. He is essential to Dock Street Press as an editor, and, most importantly, as an energetic leader who carries the mission of Dock Street Press as an independent publishing company above all else.

For Dane, the very act of being nominated for this award is a huge honor for both himself and for the mission behind Dock Street Press. Being an independent publishing company geared towards illuminating unknown authors rather than profit has its difficulties in the competitive publishing world. This nomination is a huge encouragement for himself and DSP, a validation that “independent publishing houses are important, valuable assets to society and culture.”

“It’s humbling,” Dane says, “that a great organization like Artist Trust would bestow their confidence and admiration for us, for Dock Street, and myself.” While Dane was personally nominated, he feels that the nomination is really for Dock Street Press, the Salon and the support of unknown writers.

“It validates what we’re doing to a degree, not just for self-serving purposes or self-gratification but rather that other people in the artistic and writing community see what we do as important.”

Dane, we are so proud of you and what you have done for Dock Street Press and all our writers out there!