Erik Evenson

erik evenson

Erik Evenson with his son, Oscar

Meet Erik Evenson, our third reading of the evening, whose love of reading poetry and great books inspires him to constantly improve his own writing. For him, writing has become an integral part of his life.

“I just feel awful if I don’t write,” he stated. “If I want to self-identify as a writer, if I’ve made the decision that this is what I’m going to be about, I’d better do it over and over. Reading great books also inspires me in that man-I-wish-I-could’ve-written-that kind of way. It’s such a great feeling reading a book or a paragraph or a line that lays out something you believe to be true in a new and interesting way.

Look forward to a reading of his short story, “In This House”, this evening at Phinney Books!

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