In light of the salon coming up on Thursday, I sent our readers a little questionnaire about themselves as writers and a little preview of what they will bring to the salon.

Let’s get started!

Robert Kaye


Our first reader is the author of “The Last Time We Saw Charlie”, “The Parking Victim”, “The Woodpile”, and “Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet”. His writing has been noted for its “weird and quirky” charm by his readers. Not one to stick to passive shoegazer storytelling, Kaye enjoys writing “fiction with a punch” and is a fickler for style, character and narration.

At Thursday’s salon, Kaye will be presenting a piece that was inspired by an ancient station wagon he spotted in a used car lot. A relic of family road trips across the US, he looks forward to invoking “a time vortex or two” with his reading.

The following is Kaye’s response to my last question. His response was too awesome to paraphrase with my limited vocabulary so here’s a little gold nugget in its primary form:

H: “What inspires you to write?”

R.K.: “Self expression through art is a basic human instinct. Some people write, others juggle or make giant sculptures out of twist ties or perpetrate hoaxes (Donald Trump?) or whatever. Writing is the best I can do in this direction. I love writing, books and most writers I’ve met. Someday I may become a decent writer myself. Writing is a reaction to being alive. So I guess the short answer to the question is: being alive. Hokey, but accurate.”

What an answer!

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