Created by author Ross McMeekin and Miles Wray in fall of 2012, the concept was this:


“Let’s do one thing really well.”

This one thing was to produce writing of superior quality, selecting from the slush pile of many local submissions. Following this theme of quality over quantity and simplicity over extravagance, the design of the small journals are attractive in their stark simplicity and cleanliness: white on black and between the pages, stories whose topics range from daily life to magical realism and fantasy.


A hidden gemstone in the vast, competitive publishing world, Mr. McMeekin and Mr. Wray explained that the journal is intended to provide for the community, to publish stories for the sake of sharing rather than for profit. Spartan Journal is the journal to read if you enjoy short but powerful stories that span a broad range of topics.


Ross McMeekin on the left, Miles Wray on the right

Ross McMeekin on the left, Miles Wray on the right

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