There are many things that go hand-in-hand in this world, the perfect match, like chicken and beer, crackers and soup, bread and butter, but one of my personal favorite pairings is the warm and cozy books-and-cafes twosome. A match made in heaven, the cozy surroundings of a bustling cafe is a perfect supplement to the comforting pages of a good book.

Even better are places that combine these two, a bookstore that houses a cafe such as the Elliot Bay Book Company. This is a great place to look for new titles and venture into new stories with the added perk of having close access to a great cup of coffee or pastry*.

Otherwise, for those who love reading and the white-noise ambiance of cafes, try out the following cafes!


For all you coffee lovers out there who live around U-District, one great spot is Ugly Mug cafe. With home-made pastries and carefully brewed coffee, it’s a soft and elegant cafe, great for both work and reading. The single tables are rather small so they’re just the right size for a coffee and a book.






storyville-225x300Storyville cafe serves some delicious pastries (like the caramel heart on the left) and complementary chocolate cake if you like to eat while you read. While the bigger one is located in Pike Place Market, you may be able to avoid the crowd by visiting the smaller, but not lesser, one on Madison Street.






Third-place-books-2-225x300Never forget that in order to keep reading, you need to keep eating! If you’re a reader who often skips meals because it’s hard to put down a book, then head over to Third Place Books. Located on the corner of NE 65th Street and 20th Ave NE (Ravenna neighborhood), Third Place Books provides books and delicious Greek food at Vois Cafe, all under the same roof.






In our busy lives, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to appreciate the simplicity of a good book and that one cafe that feels like a safe haven.

Are there any cafes that you would recommend? Please list them in the comments below!

*Cafe is currently closed for renovations but will open in mid-July with Little Oddfellows.